Thursday, September 22, 2011

Cheatsheet: Mineral Makeup Application

Today, we're also featuring a local mineral makeup line called Ellana Mineral Cosmetics. MUAs have been raving about this brand. More about Ellana MMU in a separate post.

How to apply mineral makeup to achieve the no-makeup look.

1) Primer. Starting with a clean face, apply primer to create a smooth canvas for your your foundation. Mineral makeup primers also ensure your get a flawless face without frequent touch ups throughout the day.

Ellana Minerals Liquid Primer (Php280.00/20ml)

Liquid primer - use clean fingers or sponge when applying on face  

Ellana Minerals White Chocolate Powder Primer (Php100.00/1g)

Powder primer - use a kabuki brush to buff it all over your face

2) Concealer. As their name implies, concealers hide blemishes and problem areas (dark under eye circles, scars, acne marks, uneven skintone, and more). There are two kinds of MMU concealers: the stick and the powder.
Ella Mineral Stick Concealer (Php250.00)

Stick concealers - apply AFTER foundation. Dot over blemishes and tap with fingers or a concealer brush. Do not rub on skin.

Powder concealers - apply BEFORE foundation. Always tap off excess powder before applying concealer powder in small circular, downward strokes to create a natural finish.

3) Foundation. Tap a small amount of mineral makeup foundation on a small plate or you may use the lid of the container. Swirl flat top brush, stippling brush, or a kabuki brush to load the foundation. SWEEP your brush along your forehead, cheeks, and chin. Then, you can begin to BUFF. Starting from the jawline, blend in your mineral foundation in inward circular motions.

To create a matte finish with your mineral foundation, use a latex wedge instead of a brush. Apply using outward strokes.

TIP: Get the dewy skin look by spritzing your brush with water. Load the foundation to the damp brush and apply on your face.

4) Eyeshadow. Apply primer over the lids to make the eyeshadow last. Mineral eyeshadows are highly pigmented. You can use it like the usual eyeshadow. To achieve a dramatic look, wet your eyeshadow applicator when applying the minerals.

TIP: mineral makeup is highly flexible. Minerals can either be used as an eyeshadow or eyeliner. To create a liner, wet a small brush and dip into a darker mineral shade.

5) Blusher. It is best to use an angled blush brush when using mineral blushes. Smile and apply mineral blush on the apples of your cheeks. Contour your face by applying a darker blush under your cheekbones.

6. Bronzer. Mineral bronzers create a natural sun-kissed glow. In an outward motion, apply the bronzer along your hairline down to your jawline. Sweep a small amount of bronzer over your blush on and your nose.

7. Setting powder. Often called a finishing powder or veil, this will lock in the pigments of your mineral makeup. Using a kabuki brush, apply the finishing veil in downward strokes. Setting powder also absorbs oil. You can use this to absorb shine as you retouch throughout the day.

More posts about Ellana Mineral Cosmetics soon! :)

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  1. Bronzers are great for people with Morena skin. :)
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