Thursday, July 15, 2010

Fanny Serrano concealer

Hello, beauties.

I've been hearing a lot good things about Fanny Serrano cosmetics lately. For years, the iconic Fanny Serrano has been the makeup artists of  the stars. And now, he has his very own makeup line by Fashion 21, a well-known local cosmetic brand.

I decided to try the Fanny Serrano stick concealer after reading The Doctor is Vain's blog and a throng of makeup reviews from fellow Filipina beauty bloggers. The FS concealers won the Cosmo Beauty Awards in 2008.

Fanny Serrano concealer sticks are available in three shades: sand, walnut, and chestnut. I am morena so I got mine in chestnut.

I got a nice tip from another beauty junkie's blog: She uses sand (the lighest shade), for highlighting and concealing ugly under eye circles. Walnut (the medium shade among the three), for hiding blemishes and, guess what, for foundation! And chestnut for contouring.

Pocket-friendly for only Php 350.00 (Watson's and leading department stores).

I love the rubberized cylinder! The Fanny Serrano concealer sticks are in matte black with a silver FS logo. It's elegant compared to other local brand's colorful makeup packaging.

 Hmm... it was a so-so. Though it was lightweight, the coverage was not so good that I have to apply another layer. It has the tendency to get a little cakey.

And another thing, the shades are yellowy, too. I have to use it sparingly or I might end up looking jaundiced. Yikes! To avoid such beauty faux pas, always remember the rule of thumb in applying concealers: less is always more.

Overall impressions:
Fanny Serrano stick concealers are way cheaper than international brands like the MAC Studio Finish Concealer SPF 35 NW20 ($ 20.00). Of course, their coverage are incomparable, too. But FS concealers are already a steal because of their inexpensive price tag and good quality (when compared to other local makeup lines).

I give it ♥♥♥♥ out of 5!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Tips from another beauty blogger

Found an interesting blog from a fellow Pinay. Learn about her one-minute wonders -- the lip and cheek stains. 

Lipstick Addict - Beauty Reviews and More!: Lip and Cheek Tint Swatches: "u want a little bit of color in your cheeks and lips, this is the ideal product for you. These stains are waterproof but can easily come off with when washed with so"

Monday, July 5, 2010

Myra Vitaglow coupons!

Hello, beauty junkies!

The rainy days are pouring in but never make it an excuse to look drab!

Look radiant with the new Myra Vitaglow, another quality Filipino-made product from the makers of Myra E moisturizer.

Myra Vitaglow is a tinted moisturizer infused with minerals and Vitamin E. This mild and easy to blend formula is dermatologically-tested. It also contains SPF 15.

Myra Vitaglow is just perfect for your daily beauty routine since it's a moisturizer, foundation, concealer, and sunscreen in one bottle.

It has two Pinay-friendly shades in Ivory and in Beige. For only PHP 130 (35 ml tube), this is even way better than the costly BB creams!

As a rainy day giveaway, Watson's and Female Network are giving us another reason to glow.

Click on the link, fill out the form, and present your coupon to the nearest Watson's branch to get 50% off on your Myra Vitaglow purchase.

Get your coupon here!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Welcome to Femin9. 

Beauty, health and wellness for every Filipina.

I'm Gen and this blog is dedicated to Filipino makeup brands and their reviews. Yeah, I know you’re probably thinking about the quality of gawang Pinoy products. Well, you're in for a surprise. There are local cosmetics worth mentioning and they are only half the price of international brands. 

Steal vs. splurge?

For the cheapskates, this is your cheat sheet on how to get that glamorous look without blowing your budget. For professional MUAs, this is where you get great finds from the local market. Femin9 is where students, young professionals, and the budget-wise Pinays get tips and tricks on beauty and wellness. 

The Filipina skin has a variety of hues: the mestiza (fair), morena (olive), and the in-betweens (yellow undertones). Whatever your color may be, there is always the perfect foundation and lipstick shade for you. What's best about Filipino makeup brands is that they are suited for the Pinay complexion.

Next time you visit the cosmetics section at the mall, stop by the stalls of Filipino brands and see what's in store for you. Buying produktong Pinoy is, after all, a good way to help our country. And guess what. Did you know that most of our Philippine-made cosmetics have the same supplier with other international brands?

Not all American or European makeup brands are made in USA or in Europe. Some have to import from Japan, Korea, Taiwan, or even China for bottles and tubes of cosmetics, and repack it. Thanks to globalization, some Filipino cosmetics often have the same supplier with the international logos. Locally-made cosmetics are way cheaper when pitted against the market giants because our products do not shoulder the markup costs of global advertising campaigns. 

Looking good starts with feeling good. So you’ll also dig health and wellness articles here. Filipinas are beautiful inside and out. And you’ll surely feel great about yourself knowing that you can be at par with other women out there.

Pinays are ready to face the world and conquer it! 

Again, welcome to Femin9 and enjoy my posts!